Avalon V55 , Microphone Preamplifier, DI & RE-AMP

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The Avalon V55 DI-RE-MIC Preamplifer is an ultra-high performance professional dual channel preamplifier, DI and RE-amper. Created for maximum versatility, the V55's sonic signature - "Deep and Controlled Bass, Musical Mid-range and enhanced Vocal Projection" combine with a unique set of user features including, 100% discrete Pure Class A amplification, Avalon's unique "passive" TONE-BANK™, professional VU meter with dual peak LED's, multiple outputs including an instrument level transformer isolated Re-amp. Designed to optimize absolute signal integrity and musical performance, the V55 is ideal for ribbon, dynamic and condenser microphones, bass guitar, acoustic instruments, electric guitars, keyboards, synthesizers, and very low output passive pickups

The state-of-the-art DI input stage provides a very-high inpedance, "zero-load" effect on sensitive pickups and keyboards, while maintaining massive input headroom to +36dB before overload.

The V55 includes a very high quality input transformer (same as the Avalon VT-737sp) with dual microphone input impedance loading for perfect mic/cable matching, high-cut switch for eliminating unwanted acoustic pickup and high frequency noise, headphone monitor amp and DC coupled, 100% Class A output amplifiers for defined bass control. A buffered "thru" output for zero-instrument-load tuners or power amp inputs, internal toroid power transformer with discrete high-voltage power supplies for low noise and sealed silver relays for transparent signal routing.



Audio Circuit Topology: 100% discrete, high-voltage, Class A, Dual-Channel
Gain: Switched 2dB steps, -/+ 0.2dB
Input Modes (4): Line, Instrument-DI, Microphone high-Z & low-Z
LINE (transformer): Balanced 9,000 Ω, XLR~TRS, gain -2dB~+38dB, max. input 47dB
INSTRUMENT ~ DI: Unbalanced 10,000,000 Ω, TRS, gain +2dB~+42dB, max. input 36dB
MICROPHONE HiZ (transformer): Balanced 6,600 Ω, XLR, gain +20dB ~ +60dB, max. input 23dB
MICROPHONE LoZ (transformer): Balanced 1,800 Ω, XLR, gain +26dB ~ +66dB, max. input 19dB
PAD (passive input attenuator): Line -13dB, Instrument -10dB & Microphone -15dB
Phantom Power: 48V regulated @10mA, blue=power ON, red=phantom ON
Thru output: Unbalanced, impedance buffered TRS
Maximum line ouput level: +30dB, DC coupled, balanced 600 Ω, XLR~TRS
Maximum isolated output level: +12dB transformer isolated, unbalanced
Headphone output: 0.5W, 600 Ω, TRS
Noise 20kHz, unweighted: -98dBu typical, minimum gain
Noise (EIN) 22Hz-22kHz: -128dB @ 40dB gain (low Z microphone output)
Distortion THD, IMD: 0.05% at +10dB, 0.5% at +30dBu
Frequency response, -/+0.5dB: 5Hz to 20kHz
Frequency response, -3dB: 2Hz to 500kHz (internal band limited)
VU Meter: Professional moving coil VU, wide range -33dB ~ +18dB
Signal LED's: LED peak capture, blue=0dB, red=20dB
High Cut Filter: -3dB at 3.7kHz minimum phase design
Polarity reverse (phase): All outputs (relay switched)
Tone Shape: Ten "passive" filter-tone selections
AC power: Internal toroidal AC supply, dual voltage, 115~230v selectable 50/60Hz, 35w max per channel