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Company History

A leader in critical audio recording products for 25 years, Millennia gear is used by the most discriminating clients worldwide in classical music recording, studio recording, film scoring, sampling, live sound, acoustic music, mastering, archiving, and acoustic research.

With over 30 industry awards, 40,000+ channels in use, and thousands of top industry clients, Millennia continues to set precedent in dynamically stable, timbre-neutral audio paths, from microphone capture to consumer delivery. In the world’s great symphony halls, to the Library of Congress, from Hollywood’s top scoring stages, to countless recording, post and mastering rooms – Millennia has likely played a role in some of the music you’ve listened to today. 

Design Philosophy

Millennia started life as a classical music production company in 1990, working mostly with N. California symphony orchestras, ensembles and soloists. Our original HV-3 front-end was designed specifically for critical acoustic recording, maintaining acoustic purity and dynamic realism without regard to manufacturing cost. Word spread about our designs and recording engineers worldwide were asking us to build HV-3's for them. That was 25 years ago. Since those early years, we've become a foremost provider of ultra-high-performance recording equipment, and the world's most-used outboard microphone preamplifier for critical music recording (symphony orchestra, film scoring, critical acoustic, etc.). Our design philosophy has never varied. We continue to apply the most rigorous practices to audio design and manufacturing. If a Millennia circuit (preamp, EQ, dynamics, etc.) isn't the most accurate, neutral, dynamically-stable instrument of its type, we continue working until it is. It's no surprise that pre-owned Millennia products demand among the highest resale values in pro audio today.