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HEDD Bass 12

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HEDD Bass 12


In addition to the new studio monitor models, we debut two powerful and equally unique subwoofers called BASS 08 (8“ woofer) and HEDD BASS 12 (12“ woofer). These subwoofers can be combined with our previous models as well as any other active speaker system. However, their full potential lies in the seamless integration with our new HEDD MK2 models.

Woofer (honeycomb diaphram)12" (2,5"voice coil)Frequency response (-3dB)20 - 80 Hz (var)Variable upper frequency limit40-120 HzLF range (-3dB): normal/extended20Hz/16 HzLFE function (LowPass filter and +10 dB gain)LP 200 Hz / +10 dBInput 1: analog stereo (2 ch) / Impedance2 x XLR / 22 kΩInput 2: AES "in"1 x XLROutput: AES "through"1 x XLROutput to satellites stereo (2 ch) highpassed @80 Hz L/R 4th orderSatellite offset @ANALOG OUT± 2m, in .5 m stepsInput gain±12dBInput sensitivity: 0 dB = 90dB SPL/1m-10/-4/0/+4 dBHEDD Lineariser®, disengageable, delay:30 msPhase switch0/90/180/270°Power Amplifier /Universal Mains 110-240 V700 W ICEpowerAD/DA Conversion96kHz/32bitSPL max @ 1 m (half space)115 dB SPLCabinet with satin lacquer finishblackDimensions (H x W x D):595 x 380 x 610 mmWeight:37,1warranty2 years

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