Crane Song HEDD Quantum

Crane Song

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Crane Song HEDD Quantum

The new features:

Quantum clocking is the same sub pico second jitter clocking that is used in the Avocet IIA DAC

In HEDD Quantum, the sub ps jitter clocking is applied to both the AD and the DA
The result is very good imaging, a very open 3d sound, and very detailed transit response, it is very accurate

Optical in and out have been added, toslink

Crane Song HEDD Quantum as a master clock
There are 6 new WC outputs that allow HEDD Quantum to be used as a master clock at the same time that the AD and DA are being used

In addition to the new AD, DA, Clocking, I/O and WC outputs.  HEDD  Quantum still has the same great DSP emulation of Triode, Pentode tubes and Tape emulation

Operational modes allow the DA and the AD to be used at the same time, at different sample rates.  In the DIGI setting the unit will run digital in from one of three sources and output on all three digital outputs and the analog output at the same time.
In the ANA mode the input is analog and it outputs on all three digital outputs and the analog output at the same time.

Dither, which is analog generated, is selectable for 16 or 20 bit

The AD, DA and ASRC chips are the high end AKM 32 bit parts, coupled with proprietary analog filtering and clocking

A word on upgrades of HEDD-192, the DA will upgrade, the AD will but will not be tested until January 2018, the clocking will not upgrade.  Clocking is very important to get the best possible sound

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