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SPL Iron Mastering Compressor v2


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The IRON Mastering Compressor combines the sonic benefits of legendary vintage tube compressors with the advantages of the SPL 120V technology in one device. The result is a pleasant, melodic-sounding, musical compression inspired by vintage compressors of the radio era, yet very flexible and perfectly adapted to the needs of modern mastering studios and productions.

IRON adds power, size and depth to any signal – without being obtrusive. 

he IRON Mastering Compressor is a variable-bias limiter/compressor from the basic concept. Through the integration of new technologies, this concept gets significantly improved.

IRON works on the principle of the bias controlled remote cutoff tube. Sharp-cutoff tubes with a steeper characteristic are parallelly connected to these.

Depending on the level of the signal amplitude, one or another tube is in charge for signal processing/limiting. The positive result is a well-balanced sound and more controllable settings of the parameters.

All four tubes in the IRON are a specially matched set to the overall system. The Wathen CryoTone™12AX7-WCM Long Plate tubes are not only a perfect match as a pair – but also the perfect complement to the selected 12AU7 tubes. 

The tubes are integrated into the IRON’s signal flow via special Lundahl manufactured balanced high-level double core mu-metal-iron transformers.

An independent feed-forward resistive vactrol-opto-isolator in the control path of the variable-bias tube circuit intercepts extreme signal peaks, ensuring that the tube circuitry achieves its full sonic potential.

Thanks to SPL 120V technology, tube compressor technology sets new standards in IRON. 

The current version – IRON v2 – differs from the first hardware version in the following details:

1. Side Chain Inserts

IRON v2 features balanced side-chain inserts with send and return XLR sockets. The first hardware version only features side-chain inputs with TS jacks to receive a trigger signal.

2. Side Chain EQ filter curves

IRON v2 features different side-chain EQ presets.

3. Tubes

IRON v2 is equipped with Wathen CryoTone™ 12AX7-WCM Long Plate tubes.

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