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HEDD Type 07 MK2 Studio Monitor

HEDD Audio

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HEDD Type 07 MK2


HEDD’s new models are equipped with a powerful DSP board that enables 3 unique features:

1. On-board Lineariser®:

Implemented in the MK2 and subwoofer models is our well-known Lineariser®, a phase linearisation tool that leads to perfect impulse response and an audibly improved spatial reproduction.

The MK2 Monitors have a new and improved lacquer for higher durability and better looks. The monitors will also be available in white. watch here

2. CoP Technology:

Users for the first time can choose between the energy and bass-capacities of a modern bass-port design and the painstaking precision and control of a closed cabinet approach. Removable plugs for the bass reflex tubes, together with accordingly designed filter set ups allow optimum results in either mode. Watch here

3. Phase Linear Sub-Satellite System:

We are introducing a completely phase linear Sat-Sub system. These are the first Satellite Sub systems that are completely “…right in time” by combining a phase linearized subwoofer with a correspondingly time delayed (group delayed) satellite output. Additionally the listener can compensate eventual distances between subwoofers and satellites to stay with linear phase reproduction for the complete system.  Watch here


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