Monkey Base

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The Monkey Base helps to adjust your monitor settings to each mixing environment you work in. More accurancy in sound as well as three different possibilities for better sonic direction directly to your ears can help you to get control over your mix.

The Monkey Base including 3 different acoustic forms:
10° Uphill-Base | Flat-Base | 5° Downhill-Base.

• Dimensionally stable acoustic foam
• 4 mm Heavy Metal Steel plate provides a solid stand for the monitors
• The MonkeyBase is approved up to 30kg.

H: 47,5mm/1,9in | 69,8-49,3mm/2,75in-1,9in | 32,8-73,3mm/1,2in-2,9in
W: 190mm / 7,5in
D: 241mm / 9,5in

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