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Teenage OD-11 the wireless multi-room loudspeaker,made to play all your music, from any device, in wireless stereo.the unmistakeably warm and relaxed carlsson sound has returned.play anything, anywhere.
Teenage OD-11 is compatible with all music services.stream your favourite music at home, bring it on your holiday and listen offline with cabin mode, or connect any instrument,turntable, gaming console or tv, for a rich sound experience.warm and natural sounding a timeless design. THe OD-11 can as well be used with Bluetooth.
the new OD-11 is a carefully re-engineered version of the original OD-11 ortho directional loudspeaker, made in 1974 by the Swedish sound genius Stig Carlsson. the Carlsson sound has returned,now upgraded using the latest technology. OD-11 features a 100 watt amplifier and a built-in computer, it delivers warm powerful sound using the latest wi-fi streaming technology,and will play all your music from any device. setup is simple and within minutes you will be enjoying streamed music.

With its built-in computer, 100 watt analog class-D amplifier and wireless stereo, the new OD-11 has evolved from a 70's classic to a complete ultra modern music system with everything built-in to play wireless music from any device or platform. ortho engine inside OD-11 you'll find the ortho engine – a custom designed computer, processing the crossover filtering and all wireless communication, analog class-D amplifier
mounted on the side of the bass reflex duct is the 100 watt, high efficiency integrated amplifier. by mounting the amplifier on the side of the duct it's kept cool with the passing airflow. OD-11 stands for ortho directional 1+1, meaning it has one tweeter and one woofer. in other words it's a two-way, ortho directional loudspeaker.

Click on the link for more info: https://www.teenageengineering.com/products/od-11/technology

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