SPL Crimson 3 Audio Interface- Monitor controller

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SPL Crimson 3

Audio Interface | Monitor Controller | Talkback | Phonitor Matrix

Two Mic Preamps

  • 2 microphone preamplifiers in discrete technology
  • separate switchable phantom power for condenser microphones
  • High-pass filter to remove footstep sound and rumble before recording

Two Instrument Preamps

  • High impedance (Hi-Z) instrument jacks on front side


  • Electret microphone with omnidirectional characteristic
  • Gain control on the front side

SPL Crimson 3 Channel & State LEDs

  • Traffic light LEDs for the analog inputs
  • Power (PWR)
  • Host – Mac/PC, iDevice, Tablet etc. detected
  • Midi In traffic LED

Analog Monitoring

Inputs & DAW

  • Monitoring the analog mic/line inputs 1/2 with mono switching
  • Monitoring the analog instrument/line inputs 3/4
  • Monitoring the digital workstation inputs 1/2 & 3/4

Source& Digital In

  • Monitoring the three analog sources or feeds
  • Monitoring a digital source
  • Selection for digital input channels 1/2 & 3/4

Speakers | Artist Mode | Talk

  • Toggling the speaker pairs and the dim function
  • Activating the Artist Mode and Talk switch


  • Adjusting the crossfeed when Phonitor Matrix is activated

Headphone Volume 1 & 2

  • Independent volume control for two headphones

Monitor Mix

  • Creation of a monitoring mix between the analog inputs and the analog & digital sources/DAW

Phonitor Matrix

  • Enables correct mixing on headphones
  • Removes the super stereo effect
  • Calculates the interaural levels and time differences


  • Control for the loudspeaker monitoring volume

For more information: https://spl.audio/en/spl-produkt/crimson-3/

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