sE X1 Vocal Pack

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The sE X1 Vocal Pack consists of everything you need to start recording straight away in your project and home studio. The unique shockmount mounting system makes for quick and easy setup. The sE X1 Vocal Pack includes the recording essentials; sE X1 condenser microphone, a shock mount, sE Metal Pop Filter and a 3m high-quality microphone cable.

sE X1 Condenser Microphone:
Whether you're recording lead vocals, acoustic guitar, strings to percussion, the sE X1 will be the mic for you. It's perfect for recording acoustic instruments and ensembles and is suitable for both male and female vocals. The X1 is a hand built capsule with a 10dB pad, low cut bass filter and features a rubberised black finish to reduce noise. The sE X1 is one of the biggest success stories of the sE mic range.

sE Shock Mount:
Our sE shockmounts are designed to protect the microphone capsule from undue shock and isolate the microphone from external vibrations which would otherwise be picked up in the recording. This sE shockmount has a unique mic clasp design which ensures your X1 is seated firmly and works with a variety of other sE studio microphones too. The shockmount has a slot for the included sE Pop Shield, making for neat assembly.

sE Metal Pop Shield:
The sE Metal Pop Filter is crucial for recording vocals and has been created with the metal screen louvered at a slight angle. This redirects any ultra-low frequency blasts leaving the vocal performance unaffected and without any low frequency 'pop's. Being made of metal as opposed to the traditional fabric shield makes the sE Pop Filter much more durable.

sE Electronics 3M Mic Cable:
The sE Electronics X1 Studio Bundle comes with a professional mic cable, 3 meters long and shielded for better a signal path.

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